BioTE® Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy

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Discover the younger healthier you! Alleviate symptoms caused by the natural decrease in hormone production in your body.

What is BHRT?
BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) is designed to replace what the body can no longer produce.
The body can gradually slow or stop its production of key hormones which may profoundly affect energy levels, libido, and feelings of emotional well-being.

Pellet Therapy
Bio-identical hormone pellet therapy is an innovative science that re-introduces the body’s missing hormones in the form of time-released, plant-based hormone pellets that are identical to your own hormones, placed in an inconspicuous area just below the skin’s surface. The treatment is quick and painless. Soon you’ll be re-energized, feeling younger, shedding stored body fat and regaining your life!
BioTE® Medical Hormone Pellet Therapy is the only method of hormone therapy that provides sustained hormone levels throughout the day, for up to 4 to 6 months, without any “roller coaster” effect. Pellet Therapy is ideal for patients wanting the benefits of a natural hormone, without the drawbacks of a synthetic.

BHRT Goals
The goal of BHRT is to provide the protective benefits originally provided by the body, and allow the body to age naturally and healthy.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women and Men
The majority of symptoms that are associated with age related hormone loss are due primarily to testosterone deficiency in BOTH women & men.

BRAIN symptoms of low testosterone: FATIGUE, sleep loss, memory loss, mental fog, confusion, depression, irritability, anxiety and mood swing. There are thousands of receptors for testosterone in the areas of the brain responsible for mood, mental clarity and memory that are affected as testosterone levels decline with age.

Other symptoms of low testosterone:
Women: Night sweats, joint pain, bladder symptoms, headaches, low libido, decreased vaginal lubrication, and weight gain.
Men: Decreased ability to maintain and sustain erection in men, and weight gain.

Symptoms of estrogen imbalance: Hot flashes, vaginal wall thinning and skin related changes such as collagen loss.

Symptoms can begin as early as 30 years of age and are often mis-diagnosed and mis-treated with anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills, adult ADD medications and others.

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