Aesthetics and Wellness’ hydradermabrasion treatment, also know as HydraFacial™, is among the newest technologies in Houston for non-laser skin resurfacing. This soothing, non-invasive technique has proven to be superior to microdermabrasion therapy because it combines cleansing, exfoliation and extraction as it infuses moisture, antioxidants and nutrients to make your skin look younger. It is quickly becoming an integral part of Houston residents’ anti-aging regimens.

Results of the Cutting Edge HydraFacial Treatment: 

Radiant, clearer skin with no downtime or discomfort. A series of hydradermabrasion treatments can dramatically reduce clogged and enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots and hyper-pigmentation, and acne- or oily-prone skin. These procedures represent the next evolution of Houston skin care, surpassing the results of Houston microdermabrasion systems.

How does it work?:

Hydradermabrasion, or HydraFacial™, uses kinetic energy in the jet stream of droplets to exfoliate the skin. Next, a gentle vacuum unclogs pores and removes dead cells that have accumulated on your skin via a saline solution that is combined with rich nutrients, glycolic and hyaluronic acids to penetrate effectively. Nearly every type of skin can benefit greatly from this advanced Houston HydraFacial procedure.

HydraFacial eschews the hard crystals and abrasive wands use for Houston microdermabrasion therapy. Hydradermabrasion has been used as a beautiful skin treatment in the United Kingdom for more than a decade, but physicians in the United States have also conducted studies that prove the effective results of this treatment.

During this research, volunteer focus groups were treated with antioxidant serums, some of which were applied manually and some that were combined with hydradermabrasion. After two weeks and six treatments, the group that had been treated with the hydradermabrasion showed remarkably better skin in regard to increased collagen fibers and thickness in skin layers, and higher levels of antioxidants present in the skin. Brown spots, fine lines and pore size were also decreased.

When you get serious about having visibly lighter, more refined and smoother skin with HydraFacial treatments, contact Conroe Aesthetics & Wellness Center, your premier Houston skin care facility – serving HydraFacial patients from Houston to Conroe.

Serum-based skin resurfacing
> Immediate results
> Hydrating exfoliation for all skin types
> Painless extractions
> Better results than microdermabrasion.

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