Laser Hair Removal

Houston area women and men like you visit Conroe Aesthetics, Weight & Wellness when they’re ready to simplify their daily routines by opting for laser hair removal and its smooth, permanent effects. This cosmetic laser treatment can be performed on the arms, chest, face, back, legs or any other body part where hair is no longer wanted.

Less painful than electrolysis or waxing, laser hair removal also helps Houston patients by improving the appearance of painful razor bumps and avoids the inconvenience of bleaching creams, razors, and depilatories. We are proud to offer this cutting-edge beauty aid in our quest to be the absolute premier Houston wellness center.

How does it work? This hair removal technique is actually quite fascinating. Performed for Houston patients in our Conroe office, a small, hand-operated device encases the actual laser, which is attracted to the melanin in the skin and hair. The light beam stops the blood supply to the hair’s root. The hair is then seared off at the epidermis and will fall from the dead follicle within 7-21 days after laser treatment. We’ll keep you comfortable throughout this laser treatment with a cooling system that minimizes pain and irritation.

Our laser hair removal treatments are performed only by licensed physicians and technicians that are certified on the equipment, as is always the case for a serious wellness clinic. That’s what makes Aesthetics, Weight & Wellness Med Spa the #1 choice for laser treatment in Houston.

How many treatments will I need? Because hair grows in cycles, and not all hair is in an active growth cycle at the same time, it’s necessary to repeat Houston laser hair removal treatments approximately six to eight times, four to six weeks apart. Some Houston patients, however, report that they see a visible reduction in the amount of hair after just one visit for hair removal.

Factors such as darker skin tones, hormone levels, and medical conditions may increase the number of necessary treatments for thorough hair removal in Houston. Completing your plan of multiple sessions will ensure that your hair removal plan has permanent results for your busy Houston lifestyle.

How long does a treatment take? Depending on the amount of hair and size of the area, laser hair removal treatments can take as little as a few minutes to as long as a few hours. We make appointment scheduling as easy and convenient as possible for our Houston area clients; many come in during their lunch hour or on their way home from work as part of their Houston skin care routine. Call to schedule your laser treatment session today!